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    I think I could speak for a lot of gamers in TERA or any other MMORPG games when it comes to trying to speed-level via quests. You have the choice of a number of quests without really knowing which ones are really worth your time. The same goes for skills or so-called skill-rotations. New players who are not on their 5th MMORPG already might find this even more challenging. I had this same problem using my TERA Berserker. Unsure of what to do, I got myself killed more through not-too-brilliant skill decisions. My main issue was struggling with which monsters to kill and which quests to complete

    I took this into my own hands and did some research on the web. I stumbled upon a website called Killer Guides. Looking at the website, it contains an extensive library of over 20 games featuring game guides. As explained on the website, the guides come in a downloadable PDF format. Each guide costs $29.99 USD. I was glad to find TERA Online was included in their categories. After purchasing and downloading the TERA Online Berserker Manual, I was introduced to the class once again. Reading through the guide, I was impressed by it’s structure defining each section about the Berserker as: Introduction, Leveling, Equipment, PvP and so forth. I headed over to the Quest section.

    The section was well thought-out and well-written, guiding me literally step by step through several quests I was having issues with. The manual recommends types of equipment and gear for specific encounters plus, introducing me to the monsters of the area noting down types of monsters and the loot they drop. The section also recommended skills for me to use against monsters plus combat strategies to increase survivability. I thought I never had issues with one-on-one battles but I got quite a bit out of the guide for those (plus some neat AE tricks).

    Overall, I was highly impressed with the guide! I’m happy that I bought it since I saw a definite change in my gameplay. So yes, I can wholeheartedly recommend their Berserker guide. Right now I’m considering purchasing their TERA complete package (they have an upgrade option where you only pay the price different between your guide and that bundle). It contains guides to all  TERA’s classes, plus one strategy guide and one gold making guide. Has anyone tried their other guides yet?

  • Tera Berserker VS The Elder Scrolls Online Dragon Knight


    The Elder Scrolls Online is considered as the biggest MMO planing to release in 2013. One of the most promising feature in the game that all gamers are looking forward to it is the class system from its uniqueness. Each ESO classes do not have a very specific role as in another games. Damage dealer can turn into tanker or even sharp shooter.

    Until now, 5 Elder Scrolls classes have been revealed to the world: Nightblade, Templar, Sorcerer, Warden and Dragon Knight. Drakon Knight really reminds me of one class in Tera, a berserker. There are a lot of similarities between these 2 classes. They both wear a heavy armor, gigantic weapon, and especially dreadful skills.

    ESO Dragon Knight

  • Top Tera Berserker Leveling and Abilities Guide


    Here’s an overview on TERA Berserker Leveling and Abilities Guide. More detailed content could be found over at KillerGuides.com, from their TERA Berserker leveling tips.

    TERA Berserkers are a heavy front line damage-dealing class. They wear the heaviest armor and wield the heaviest weapon, the axe. Unlike TERA Slayers, who are a fast and mobile damage-dealing class, Berserkers are slower, heavier, and they specialize more around charging abilities to deal damage. Berserkers function a little differently than Slayers do. While Slayers have more active attack skills than Berserkers do, they use the same number of abilities. While Tera Slayers’ abilities form skill chains called Combos, Berserkers, on the other hand, rely primarily on their three main attacks, and the rest of their skills are often entirely situational.

    TERA Berserkers primarily focus on making themselves stronger and your enemies weaker, enabling them to drop truly gargantuan attacks upon their heads. It is for this reason Berserkers are very powerful DPS class, but this comes at a price, as to do the most damage, they must maximize Buffs, Crystals, and Glyphs and require proper positioning to make the best use of these powerful hits. When you think of Berserkers, you think of a front-line fighter that is designed to get in the fray and attack brutally, and this is exactly what the Berserker does. TERA Berserker class does not dodge or otherwise avoid attacks. Instead, the Berserker wears heavy armor and blocks with their axe. This allows them to stay in the fray at all times.

    axe block tera berserker skill

    When another class might be forced to evacuate in preparation for a particularly large attack, TERA Berserkers can stay and take it. Similar to TERA Lancer, Berserkers use blocks; however, blocking for Berserker is decidedly different. For one, Berserkers offer no defensive bonus to players behind them, and blocking costs a small chunk of mana to drop down. But unlike Lancer block, Berserker block will not consume mana beyond the initial cost, along with absorbing less damage overall. It is also important to note that, when a Berserker blocks, he is able to cancel his normal combo attacks as well as charge attacks, as long as he is charging when he blocks and his skill has not yet fired off.

    heroes of the storm heroesWhen in the right hands, Berserkers are easily one of the strongest damage classes in the entire game, along with TERA Sorcerer Guide. The hardest-hitting attacks require charging, and in chaotic battle,the enemy might not be there when you are ready to let loose. In addition to this, Berserkers suffer most from the lack of mobility during combat and the inability to cancel their attacks once they’ve gone off. Thus, TERA Berserkers depend more on timing, positioning and aiming than any other classes to deal the highest damage. However, the payoff for this is the massive burst, single, and AOE damage that they can dish out in frighteningly quick order, making TERA Berserker become one of the best classes to have on your side.

    Berserker is like the “Warrior” role in Heroes of the Storm. You could see from this article that TERA Berserker does not move fast and attack speed isn’t great. However, it is replaced by huge health pool and a lot of disruption skills. This is almost the same as warrior heroes in HotS. They do not deal that much damage comparing to the Assassin and do not have much skill to support teammate. However, they are considered as the moving tank for the team. Their main role is to be a meat-shield while disrupting opponents. Currently there are about 8 warrior heroes so far from 3 popular blizzard’s game. However, more heroes will be released absolutely in the future. Maybe you might see a hero with a giant axe their!


  • TERA Berserker Skills And Damage Abilities


    berserker cyclone skillTERA Berserker use three main damage-dealing abilities to maximize their effectiveness in combat. The first is Cyclone, the first ability that Berserkers will get, and it is one of their strongest. Against multiple enemies, Cyclone is easily the second hardest hitting AOL ability in TERA. It is important to note that Cyclone has a travel distance, and you will move in the direction you were aiming after using it. So it’s a good idea to take this into account when using it against living targets, or the mobility class like TERA Warrior

    Tera Berserker Skills

    tera berserker flatten skillThe second ability is Flatten. Flatten is the very second ability TERA Berserkers will get, and it starts off as one of our most powerful, but diminishes in strength later on. It has a high windup time, but it does high, close-range, AOE damage to all those who are hit by it. It has a powerful knock-back effect tied to it, which is useful for setting up long charge up attacks. Keep in mind, the Flatten is your third hardest hitting ability, and even though its damage is high, it’s cool down and longer windup is useful only for filling gaps in the Boss’s attack when you don’t have time to charge up.

    tera berserker skill thunder strikeThe final ability is Thunder Strike. Thunder Strike is the third ability that Berserkers will get, and it is by far the strongest ability that Berserkers have. In certain situations against BAMS, Or against Boss’s, Berserkers will be using Thunder Strike primarily. This attack has a short distance, and the attack itself has a small area of effect to it. Keep in mind that against players or small enemies, if they get too close to you, this attack may miss, as it requires you to hit the enemy with the head of your axe.

    If you would like to read more in-depth details on TERA Berserker, visit this TERA Online Berserker review.

  • TERA Berserker Glyph Builds


    Here is an overview of TERA Berserker Glyph Builds. See more importance about this class at TERA Berserker leveling strategies.

    Glyphs are very important to TERA Berserker because it shows how strong they are. Cyclone has three Glyphs; Glyph of Carving to double his critical hit rate, Glyph of Power to increase power by 12% when overcharged, and Glyph of Haste to speed charging by 25%. The most important one are doubling the critical hit rate of Cyclone and increasing its charging speed, allowing you to hit harder and hit faster.

    tera berserker cyclone skill

    Flatten, the second ability you will get, have Glyph of the Swift, which increases attack speed by 25% This Glyph is very important and noticeable, as Flatten is a relatively slow ability. In addition to this, you have Glyph of Power, which increases its power by 25%. Hitting harder always nice as this is a very hard-hitting ability.

    tera berserker skill flatten

    On Thunder Strike, you have Glyph of Carving, which doubles the critical hit rate of Thunder Strike. Against single targets and Bosses, this is very, very good one. Moreover, you have Glyph of the Sanative, decreasing the HP consumption by 50% when overcharged. This Glyph is not much necessary because you will not be overcharging very often. You also have Glyph of the Slick, probably the most important Thunder Strike Glyph, and one you should have on as early as possible, despite the heavy point cost. It eliminates the movement speed restriction on Thunder Strike, and it is noticeable how much it benefits you. It is obviously worth the investment, even though it consumes seven points.

    tera berserker thunder strike skill

    All in all, Berserkers are a very fun class to play. Keep on dealing larger amounts of damage, and kill things quickly. While they start off slower than most classes, except TERA Lancer,  they are strong and, in their own way, a challenging class to play correctly. I hope you enjoyed this first look at the TERA’s Berserker Class.

  • TERA Berserker PvP


    Not to mention TERA Warrior, one of the classes that have high amount of hit damage is of course TERA Berserker. The Berserker is strong against both monsters and players. Wielding its powerful axe, the Berserker is able to fend off any incomin damage making him immune to being slaughtered in Tera PvP. Watch this youtube vid and just see how destructive a Berserker can be. Please visit TERA Berserker advanced tips section to see more advanced strategies about this class.

    Full details on the Berserker and its skills and abilities.

  • TERA Berserker Skills Strategies


    The below article provides you the introductory to TERA Berserker. Refer to Killer Guides’ Tera Berserker leveling ebook for gameplay, tactics and expert’s advice.

    TERA Berserkers carry large axes and charge into battle swining. Their attacks may seem to be uncoordinated, but a TERA berserker will launch skilful and precise attacks. Their range is small, so attacks must be focused. Since patterns seem random and unpredictable, foes will have a difficult, nearly impossible, time defending attacks. A TERA class guide will help you get the most out of your gameplay. Playing as a TERA Berserker is slow and powerful. attacks will disable opponents with disorienting power. Follow this guide to learn about timing, making each slow attack as powerful as possible to inflict the most damage.

    As a Berserker, combo attack is the basic starting skill attack. Use up to 4 hits in succession with this skill and gain mana in the process. Upgrades occur at level 4 and level 8, leaving your TERA Berserker able to inflict more damage.When following this tera berseker leveling guide, remember that blocking can be an intricate part of gameplay. You can use Weapon Block to shield your TERA Berserker with their axe. Hold down the button for the duration of the block to lower the amount of damage taken. This is another of your two starting skills.

    Another essential tool to mention in this TERA Class guide is gained at level 2. Bash will allow you to leap into mid-air then smash the ground with your axe, inflicting damage and stunning targes within range. Upgrades occur at level 6 and level 10.

    Your berserker will also get charged skills starting at level 6 with blast strike. These skills gain power the longer you hold attack. Your berserker will rush and swing their axe with enormous force, and once the attack button is release, a very powerful attack is administered. To optimize damage, this TERA Berserker Guide recommends that you use Blast Strike after Bash (stun and knock back enemy), allowing the skill to charge up while your enemy is stunned and helpless. Upgrades occur at level 10.


  • The Powerful TERA Berserker


    The world of TERA offers users a variety of characters and unique game play settings. Players must use skill, timing, and concentration to correctly deliver blows to their opponents. No character knows this better than the TERA Berserker. This behemoth dives into battle and fights off enemies with an axe. The berserker can inflict terrible damage on enemies but faces many challenges. The Berserkers have a limited attack range and slow speed. Each movement must be carefully calculated. This powerful character requires practice. Like using TERA Warror Guide, TERA Berseker guide can also help players master this complex character.

    The TERA Berserker has extremely dangerous, incredibly hard to control powers. Using a TERA online class guide is almost crucial to understanding how the berserker operates. The berserker has a series of attacks that can leave any opponent destroyed. Wielding these attacks require an in-depth understanding of the attack and much practice. Berserkers should learn the best time to use their moves. The Berserker rage is a brutal attack that can inflict the most damage, but it weakens the Berserkers’ defence.

    A TERA Berserker must be careful when going into battle. One would think these mighty foes would be wild creatures, but this is not the case. Since their attack time is slow and it takes great concentration to strike, the berserker can be at risk when going into battle. Other enemies are able to strike considerably faster than the berserker, so mastering an effective defence is incredibly useful to a berserker. A TERA Berseker Guide will allow Berserkers to find the tips that are most useful in creating a defence.

    The brute power and dangerous attacks make the berserker a worthy opponent. The TERA Berserker is a role only the truly skilled can play. Using a TERA Berseker Guide will help ensure that you are worthy of the role.

    Get the more inside gaming strategies and detailed overviews over at TERA Berserker class walkthrough.

  • TERA Berserker Gameplay


    Here’s a small gameplay about the TERA Berserker. Just a few notes here and there: TERA Berserker is indeed powerful albeit it comes with the disadvantage of sacrificing strength for agility. Will this class be the right for you?

    In this sample, this is a level 6 Berserker. If you want to find out more about this class, get you head on to TERA Berserker leveling tips

  • TERA Berserker’s Skills and Abilities


    The TERA Berserker is an unholy terror to behold on the battlefield. Massive warriors that move like juggernauts carrying huge axes, the TERA Berserker class seems at first to be a wild warrior that swings at random, sacrificing accuracy for power. In fact, according to the Tera Berserker leveling guide the opposite is true; these warriors can only deliver the necessary power by focusing and striking a target dead center. Of course before you field one of these Berserkers, it’s important that you understand them and what they’re capable of.

    The TERA Berserker class has a number of skills, and they are meant to do two things; stun and slow opponents on one hand, and deliver heinous amounts of damage on the other. In order to make the best use of these skills, a TERA Berserker needs to have a good complement of both. For instance, a good Berserker guide would tell you that the best time to use damage dealing abilities like the Swirl or Backspin Attack, not to mention charge up attacks like Blast, is after you have stunned or slowed enemies with a Shout or a Bash so that the opposition becomes a sitting duck ready to be put down hard.

    The TERA Berserker class is a very slow mover, which means that timing is a key factor. TERA Berserker players need to be able to move precisely so that they’re sure right when they’re going to connect with the enemy. You can also get a backup from TERA Archer who can attacks from the distance. However, any good TERA Berserker guide will tell you to be sure that your character is as heavily defended as possible because you are going to take hits. A lot of hits. And Berserkers have to be tough and strong, as well as covered in armor plate, if they’re going to withstand attacks in order to deliver an assault of their own.

    The Berserker’s abilities complement other character classes when it comes time. For instance, if an archer can trap an enemy, and a Berserker can then slow them even further, it becomes a shooting gallery for the one character and as easy as chopping wood for the Berserker. Additionally, a Berserker can make a good guard for a Tera mystic, who needs space in order to cast effectively. However, the Berserker is, at its heart, a class that is precision based for large amounts of damage. It is less effective against hordes than you might think.

    There you go! A preliminary overview. For more details, check out this guidebook, TERA Berserker guided walk through, which comes in handy for the more serious TERA gamers

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